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I was educated as a travel consultant and trained as a therapeutic reflexologist and reiki practitioner. Along the way I married my biggest fan, who continues to inspire and encourage me. Together we raised three beautiful girls and ran a few businesses, including the manufacturing of a natural beeswax and honey body care line. I now continue to give reflexology treatments and enjoy writing about anything that nurtures, feeds & improves our bodies and souls. I am South African, living in Croatia. Here I’m constantly learning and experiencing how the Eastern Europeans nourish themselves with food of the season, embrace the healing effects of the Adriatic ocean and wooded forests and contemplate their slow-paced lives over a lengthy cup of coffee. Articles on this blog are reflections of this, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed experiencing and writing about them.

Latest from the blog

Articles on wellbeing and alternative therapies


How I discovered Forest bathing

After many forest walks finding that each time I was feeling rejuvenated and with improved overall well being, I decided to do some research ... turns out there is such a thing as Forest bathing.<…


Auricular therapy and Reflexology

Auricular therapy assists in relieving symptoms of ill health, especially when used along side Reflexology.


How Reflexology can help you

How reflexology helps to relieve symptoms associated with health conditions and bring the body back into balance.

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